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For spring channel cats, some baits to consider: dip bait (my preference is GULP!™ by Berkley Fishing) used with #6 treble hooks (no need for surgical tubes). Other bait such as shad guts, cut shad, crickets, worms and chicken livers have their days, too.  If the fish slow down or you’re not getting bites within 10 minutes, keep moving  If the channels are near, they aren’t shy about biting.

For big blues ... Baits will include your usual smorgasbord for catfish: shad, skip jack, fresh chicken, turkey, and rooster livers. The rule of thumb here is if you want to catch eating size fish use the smaller size of baits and you will catch an occasional big fish to boot. I’m a firm believer if you want to catch big fish use the big bait. How big, as big as your tackle can handle. Live or cut bait will work for these big blue cats.




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