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Flathead Catfish:

7/24/03 39lb. Flathead Caught in Lake Santee Cooper, SC
Released to Grow!
Flathead Catfish
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The Flathead Catfish: Pylodictis Olivaris, Genus name Pylodictis means "mud fish" Species name Olivaris means "olive colored". The flathead catfish grows rapidly & matures sexually at 15" or five years old, & is known to grow over 100 pounds with the current world record at 123.9lbs. Identification: Flathead catfish have the scaleless, strong body and the well-developed pectoral and dorsal fin spines typical of catfish. The tail is only slightly indented, or may appear square or rounded. The dorsal fin is high, and the lower jaw projects past the upper jaw. The body looks long and slender. The upper portion of the flathead catfish’s body is yellowish brown to dark, even purplish brown, with black or brown mottling on lighter brown sides. The belly is grayish or yellowish white. It does have a flat-looking head, very wide and depressed. The chin barbels are white to yellow, the fins are mottled, and the anal fin, which has fewer than 16 rays, is short and rounded. Except for very large adults, flathead catfish have a white tip on the upper lobe of the caudal fin. Young flathead catfish are nearly black on the back.


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